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There is something about the sea that draws people to it, holidaymakers, swimmers, fisherman, naturalists, naturists, sailors, lovers. It has many moods, dark and brooding, light and glistening. Hidden dangers and safe havens. In folk terms it’s too easy to dismiss the sea with it’s shanties. Fortunately, Charity Quin has decided to try and capture the multifaceted environment in a cycle of song and a damned fine job she makes of it to. Voiced like a siren she envokes many images and thoughts about the watery domain and it’s interaction with life.

– Neil King – FATEA

5.0 out of 5 stars

Easy listening great lyrics meaningful

Really enjoyable listening, the lady has a beautiful voice and lots of talent…

– Amazon reviews

‘Your music remains such an encouragement and inspiration, I have been loving ‘Good morning Gorgeous’ and ‘Rainbows in the dust’ Keep writing your beautiful songs’

– Jill

‘Thank you so much for the wonderful time on Sunday evening and for all your encouragement for everyone. I was conscious of us all being deeply fed by the Lord through your words and music’

– Alicia

“Charity has a wonderful voice and I always love hearing her latest compositions…    Charity’s passion for life along with her faith shine through in her songs which are hauntingly beautiful and totally soothing.”   

Lesley Dolphin, Producer/presenter

BBC Radio Suffolk

‘Your cd is fabulous! Well done and wow, I’m playing it all the time, my favourite track is ‘All will be Well’ Thank-you’

– Maggie

Charity’s voice is well crafted and versatile. She uses it beautifully to convey meaning and emotion, sometimes soothing, sometimes challenging. Grown men have been known to make grown men cry into their beer! 

‘The message you communicate is right on target. It captures the essence of God’s grace, and also communicates Christ’s challenge to reach out to the poor and needy of the world. I wish there were more songwriters and singers like you’

– Tony Campolo,  speaker, author, sociologist.

‘There is more to Charity than just an excellent voice; there is a spiritual presence that could only come form God, both in her music and in her character. This is more than just music, it is a passion’

– David Fitzgerald (Founder member of Iona)

Charity has a beautiful and haunting voice. ‘The Patience of the Fisherman’ is all Charity’s own work apart from the old Irish folk song “Sea Fever” and “Motherless Child” which was recorded live in Ely Cathedral. Charity’s interpretative powers do justice to her own celtic and folk- tinged compositions. Very much all the way through one can hear the depths of love for the restless moving of the sea and nature in Charity’s writings, especially in “Come and lay your Head” and “The Beach”. This is a lady with great depth of thought and character. For those with an ear for wistfully, contemplative music, this is thoroughly recommended.

  Diane Cromie – Cross Rhythms 


‘Your music touches my soul’

– Madeleine

‘Congratulations! inspired and inspirational and very moving and the perfect beginning to the Christmas season!’

– Chris

“Thank you Charity for tonight you were wondrous treasure as ever”

– Mary

‘Another evening when you have transported us onto another plane! Thank-you for touching my life with your witness through song’

– Gaye