The Patience of Fishermen



I wrote these notes quite a while ago now, and realise there is quite a lot of ‘God’ talk in them. Our culture is less accepting of that in 2021, at least in the UK. But for me the things I experienced then, remain today, as fresh and sparkling as they were then. So please don’t be put off. This is honestly and simply, my story. 

This Album is a collection of songs dear to my heart. When we started the journey, it was going to be an EP but somehow it grew! I guess I enjoyed myself so much I didn’t want to leave the studio!

I took the project to John Pac at Kingsway, now Integrity Music, and we discussed what might work and whether there may be a market for the music. I said I believed it was treasure, and that it would bless people. I would like to thank him for his encouragement, and although Kingsway weren’t able to take it as such, because it didn’t fit in with the brief of the company, John distributed a good number to the record shops. Bless him, may he rest in peace and rise to Glory.

Credit goes to Mark Edwards (producer) for working with enthusiasm and dedication at all times. We had such a great time, it wasn’t always straightforward for him as I have definite ideas! but can’t always explain them! However, we always managed to come to an agreement over a donut and a cup of coffee!

It was a joy to have my son Jesse working on a couple of tracks, he is a talented musician in his own right, and has some fabulous ideas, he is also great to be around! 

Musicians include: Mark Edwards, Ben Castle, David Fitzgerald, Jesse Quin, Julian Ferraretto, Julian Nicholas Jean Kelly, Doug Scarrett, Lou Fellingham, Kevin Jamieson, Rachel Firmager.

Recorded/produced/engineered by Mark Edwards and Colin Walker at Orange room and Doz studios. Mastered by Denis Blackham @Skye mastering