Good Morning Gorgeous


Featuring 12 original tracks. Released 2015.


This Album is a collection of song-stories about Jesus and the Gospel Girls! The women that he engaged with were no different to women today. We still all have our issues/struggles, joys/triumphs, and he seemed to know just what they needed. These women were precious to him, often feisty and courageous, as well as sometimes in danger from the men in their culture. 

Jesus was a real advocate for justice and equality at a time when women and children were disregarded. I love that it was Mary Magdelene who was the first person to see Jesus at his resurrection! 

Jesus always had time….

The religious leaders scoffed, his disciples questioned, but as always, he was on a mission, to expose the beauty within, to offer hope, freedom and healing, to love unconditionally and to death, never wanting anyone to be lost, forgotten, or outside the bounds of his delicious and life giving Grace. 


Charity Quin:Vocals/Backing vocals

Mark Edwards: Programming, keyboards, string arrangements.

Neil Costello: Electricand acoustic guitars

Julian Nicholas : Saxophone and woodwind

Lawrence Johnson : Vocal arrangement

Lawrence Johnson and Elaine Reid, backing vocals


All songs copyright Charity Quin ©


Produced by Neil Costello. Engineered by Neil Costello

Distributed by Ditto music