White Feathers


They came as quietly as snowflakes,
falling on our hearts.
They whispered hope in face of fear,
they whispered faith and love.
And each one held a power to hold
us as we walked the road.
They comforted like nothing else,
restored and held our souls.

The more they fell, the more we hoped-
that you would be returned.
All full of life and vigorous,
the head and care of us.
So many times our faith was stretched
almost to breaking point.
But each to each became a cup
of strength, became a staff.

Hide us in the shelter still
of overspreading wings.
Hold us close in our despair,
be our sheltering place.
Yours the strength and we the cup
that must receive You still.
Don’t let our hearts grow hard and cold,
but soft and feather light.

3. We sometimes rage against the storm,
we shout into the wind.
the “why”? falls back from leaden skies,
we seem to be unheard.
The shadows lengthen and are dark,
the wintry winds blow cold.
No light is there, or so it seems,
and bitter is the night.

Hide us ‘til the storms are past,
hide and keep us safe.
We will not bow to fear or dread,
we stand against the pain.
Thy rod and staff our comfort still,
however long the night.
We miss you more than these words say,
but hold you in our hearts.


© c.quin/k.duncan tgbtg