Walk With Me


When I was in my beloved Sussex recording this album, I used to drive through to the studio, the back way from Hailsham where my dear B&B hosts looked after me. At the top of the hill overlooking Seaford, I would always stop and take in the wonderful and constantly changing view. In February I would look for the early lambs, who would often be right near the fence, so sweet. The sky was big somehow and the sea sparkled in the distance, always more intensely green than the slate grey of Suffolk seascapes.I came to love the Downs, and my heart would always lift when I first saw them as I travelled down from London. 


Walk with me, when stretching dawn
Begins the day again
Fire my imaginings
Beyond what I can see

I long to be among the hills
Alone with you again
The sky a sheet of linen blue
The sea a distant thing

The bend and curve, the changing cloud
My face against the wind
And all that takes my strength away
Suspended now in time

I saw you first at lambing time
The start of something new
The green and gold, and waters flash
Such pleasure and such joy

The languid boy, that dreams up here
That dreams the day away
Becomes a marker of the times
Of how  our lives might be

Walk with me, at height of sun
When I am drunk and full
Of summers taste, of summers smell
Of sweetness and delight

Walk with me alone at night
A different kind of rest
Beneath the shadow of the moon
The sea now black and soft

© ℗ Charity Ruth Quin tgbtg