She stood so tall a slender reed
Ever bending to your heart
Her face was dark and beautiful
And her hair hung down

She loved when all was taken from her
Loved in spite of pain
Her face was set and her heart was strong
I will not leave your side she said
I’ll go where you must go
Your people will become my own
Your death my resting place

And so they travelled side by side
Mile on weary mile
Until at last they reached the place
Naomi called home

They reached there in the barley harvest
All the town rejoiced
But Naomi rebuked their joy
My life was always comfortable
My every need was met
But God has dealt unkindly with me now

The woman Ruth found favour
Wherever her feet trod
She sweated in the fields all day
Barely taking rest

The harvesters called out
When they saw their master come
The Lord be with you
And with yours a blessing on your head

Who is this woman here with us
To whom does she belong
Her face so dark and beautiful
Such loveliness and grace

A Moabite they answered
And told him all her tale
Of how she left her own country
Of sacrifice and love

And everything they told to him
Touched him to the core.
His heart reached out in love to her
He offered her himself

To be redeemer kinsman
To be her sheltering place
He saw beyond her race and creed
To the woman that she was.

Inst….a blessing on your head

And so she took her rightful place
Her place in David’s line.
But what if she had been afraid
And fear had been her master.
And fear had been her master.


© Charity Quin 8/8/08 tgbtg