I Need You Now


I need You now, in this place of tears,
in this place of changes.
I need You now, like never before.
And everything I held on to,
is like a trick of light,
there’s nothing left,
Just You and me, in this clean swept room,
faith feels like an illusion, the truth is playing games,
There are no easy answers anymore.

Could we be friends? You and I.
Could we be friends? You hold out your hand.
And everything is stripped away,
I stand alone, I am laid bare, in this room-
of blue and gold, blue and gold.

The storm has passed now,
It washed me clean.
The storm has passed now.
And everything I’ll ever need,
is in this room, is in this place.
You hold me steady in your eyes,
You look right through
to the me I hide.

And time stands still,
I feed on You, I take you in,
I want this time to last forever,
time to last forever.

© c.quin tgbtg