Darling One


Darling, do you hear me
recognize this voice,
I knew you long before the world began.
knew that it would come to this
This suffering.
But you are more than all of that to me

You’re the joy
That fuels the walk I have to take
You’re my joy my treasure my delight
You’re the one I came here for
I love you so
My love is strong as death and will prevail

I will cross the wastes of hell
And back for you
Within this body
And within this soul

Darling one
I watch you in the firelight
watch the candle as it starts to burn
twist a flower in the vase
it nestles in
Wonder at the beauty that is you

I will cross the wastes of hell
and back for you
within this body
and within this soul

I will throw your darkest deeds
into the deepest ocean.
As far as east is from the west,
remember them no more.
Death defeated, life restored,
Freedom bells are ringing.
I will rise again
a glorious day

inst x3

Open up your heart
and let my love pour in
Allow me to restore the love you’ve lost
My name has power
to break the chains that tether you
The world will see my love within your eyes

Hallelujah it is finished! Hallelujah it is done!x 6


© Charity Quin Nov 27th 2017 tgbtg