Come And Lay Your Head


I wrote this after a period of soul searching and counselling. I was blessed to have a very wise woman to talk to. People see counselling sometimes as weakness, I think it takes courage to allow God to work deep in the hurting places of our lives. 

The end result of that period of time was the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! That is a whole other story in itself!


Come and lay your head beside me
Come and rest awhile
Come and lay your troubles down
And I will fly, right to your heart
Right to your arms
And find my shelter

No more a captive,
No longer storm-tossed
I’ve found a refuge in your arms
No more a captive
No more a stranger

I will ride the stormy waters
I will travel time
Beneath an ever changing sky
And high as heaven
And ocean deep
I’ll walk with you
Dispel the darkness

No more a captive….

And when I fall
Will you catch me on the wing
And bring me to the river of your love
And turn my face to the warming of the sun
And breathe your life
Into my tired heart.


No more a captive…

© Copyright c.quin tgbtg