Broken Wing


In the darkness I reach for you
You turn away
In the shadows
Of what might have been
I watch you breathe

Nothing about life is ever simple so it seems
Nothing about love is ever free
Well I know that change is coming
I feel the cold winds
I dread another winter without you

I am sleepless in the night time hours
You’re on my mind
And as I make my life again
I wish I could believe
In love that brings new life
In love that never leaves

Nothing about life …

In the darkness I take my leave
take my courage in both hands
And I take my leave
I’m not wasting
Any more of my time
On something that is over
On something with no future
I walk into a new life without you

Nothing about life …

Then something in my memory stirs
And I recall
A voice I used to recognize
A voice I knew so well
Saying come to me come to me
I’ll mend your broken wings
I’ll mend your broken wings
Teach you what love is
Teach you what love is
Teach you what love is


© ℗ Charity Ruth Quin tgbtg