Bethany 2

(The Jar)


Here in my hands
I hold those feet
that walked
across the world to me
I hold you now
I wish it was forever
But something tells me
You are on your way

I break the jar
And with it I am broken
To be made new
From fear I am released
The fragrance fills the corners
and the spaces
Until my heart
it overflows with love

I don’t know what it was
That you saw in me,
that you received me
with such joy

And now the tears
Of Grace are falling,
To bless your feet
As you blessed me

You fix your eyes
On me as I tend to you
Deflecting anger
As it comes our way

The balm of
your forgiveness
is coursing sweetly
through my veins


I hear your voice
Rise up above all others-
in my defense
You shoulder all the blame
No other man
Has loved me with such kindness
I’ll carry you
When you can walk no more

I never knew that
Faith would be my saviour
I walk in peace
In to new life……


© Charity Quin tgbtg H’s Birthday! 8/11/17
LUKE 7 vs 36-50