All Will Be Well

(All will be well, and all manner of things will be well, Julian of Norwich)


A few years ago, I was diagnosed with an Ovarian cyst.

I was told that I needed major surgery as it had grown very large, and was around my ovary, and they were also wanting to have a general look round to check everything else.

It was one of those times when all you can say to God is ‘Help’ I was afraid and I asked God to speak to me. He said, ’All will be well’ In case you are reading this and thinking ‘did she hear an audible voice? or, how do you know when God is speaking to you? It was something that came into my thinking faster than I can possibly think, along with a real peace. As someone once said, ‘I knew it in my Knower’!

Although people prayed, I still had to have the operation, but I know it was right that I went through it. A dear friend prayed and I knew God had done a healing of some kind. When I was operated on, the cyst had moved and was no longer on the ovary but in the middle (in all the scans it had been right on the ovary) so I am still symmetrical! and didnt have to lose that ovary. (Sorry if that’s too much information!) Praise God!


All will be well
All things will be well
We are just passing through tribulation
All will be well
All things will be well
When we see your face

Sometimes I am up
Sometimes I am down
Sometimes I can barely hear your voice
But I know you are with me
In shadow and in light
I believe I will see you by and by

All will be well ….


Sometimes I feel like running
Sometimes I think I’ll stay
Sometimes I can barely find my way
But I know that you hold me
And your grace will be enough
To sustain me ‘til I see you by and by

Hold me and keep me
Walking close beside you
Please bring me back when I stray
To the arms of my saviour
To the place of the cross
The place where my sins are washed away

All will be well….

© ℗ Charity Ruth Quin 2006 tgbtg